Data Conversion/E-Publishing

Our dedicated team helps in mitigating large volumes of data from any legacy electronic format to the requested output format. Conversion of the data from source files such as Adobe PDF files, MS Word are converted to any e-deliverable formats as requested by the client, in any of the proprietary mark-up languages is done. The following services are rendered by Fabiz in the data conversion/ E – Publishing category

• XML Conversion
• Hard Copy to any Digital Format
• Any Digital Format to any Format
• Nimas Conversion
• E-Book Conversion
• News Paper Conversion
• Image Conversion

Fabiz Advantage:
• Provides Data Conversion and Data Capture services in multiple languages
• High quality data output, adhering to time schedule
• Standard TAT for high intensity projects
• Specialized solutions for data conversion through in-house project management.
• Knowledge in major public DTDs (DocBook, DTbook, AECMA, MathML, TEI, etc.)
• Provides DTD Analysis and DTD Development

We have the data extraction tools and resources necessary to convert your current data into a platform-neutral, electronic format that will allow information to be deposited into a data repository making it well-organized and easier to manage.
Fabiz has extensive experience in handling data conversion projects from both paper-based and electronic media. Fabiz handles several pages of legacy data annually through scanning and keying processes to generate both PDF pages and XML files.