Information Security

Fabiz represents security and reliability. We have an Intelligent Information Security Policy for protection of sensitive client data. Changes to this policy and compliance thereof are certified every year by qualified information security experts. A few components of our security policy-

• Encrypted environment
• Access control
• Servers & firewall monitored on a 24x7 basis
• Comprehensive data backups
• Controlled & documented User ID creation & Deletion.
• Periodic AV/OS Updates & patches.
• User profiling to ensure maker Checker Concept
• Unique User IDs and Password Norms

• Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by every employee.
• Ensure paperless environment so that data cannot be removed from the facility.
• Standard computer hardware and software configurations. No removable media drives.
• Restricted Printer access
• Restricted email and Internet access.
• Training & Awareness.
• Secure workspace program
We steadfastly honor Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements with our clients.